Dumra, departing Bombay

Robin Knox-Johnston commissioned “Dumra” in a rising South West monsoon, a memory of his first ship.

"Dumra, departing Bombay", 81 x 50 cm (32" x 19½"), commissioned by a famous sailor, Sir Robin Knox Johnston, to celebrate Robin's earliest times at sea.

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Detail from Dumra, British India Steam Navigation Company, departing Bombay Detail from Dumra, British India Steam Navigation Company, departing Bombay

This painting shows “Dumra” as Robin requested, in a rising South West monsoon, having just cast off her tugs.

Robin’s comment upon seeing this painting for the first time “A very good painting except not enough dead cows in the harbour” – RKJ

Robin started his sea going career as a cadet onboard “Dumra“.

In the background we see many sights familiar at the time, some still in place, the massive Gateway of India, the Taj Mahal Hotel, local craft & 2 B.I. “I” class freighters.

It even shows the cabin window were Robin sweated out his early voyages, alas, only one dead cow shown in the harbour!

Bombay has reverted to its original name, Mumbai.

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