Master Mariners

Master Mariners, Heavy Weather even for a master mariner can be seriously dangerous.

Master Mariners, 81 x 50 cm set where the warm Indian Ocean and cold Antarctic currents collide.

"Master Mariners", 81 x 50 cm (32" x 19½"), commissioned by J Leeson & Son. Available as a print from our print page.

Available as an awesome print from this website produced to museum quality, signed, numbered, this is a fine and impressive art investment for you.

M V Chupra, detail 1 20.09.17
M V Chupra, detail 1 20.09.17

Master Mariners“, a C class, Chupra, British India Steam Navigation Company Limited, Off Cape Town, 

The maritime world never believed that we could encounter 27 + waves at sea until they measured one on a North Sea Oil platform” ~ Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

A typical merchant ship, a British India Steam Navigation Company C Class circa 1970 off Cape Town where the Indian Ocean and Antarctic currents collide; in stormy weather, a recipe for dangerously steep waves and heavy breaking seas.

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A developing painting.

My client asked me to push the limits of my abilities, for a dramatic painting.

It was our was intention to show something of the danger met with courage, persistence, patience and fine seamanship, encountered by the men who worked quietly to make so much that is good in our modern world, the merchant seamen.

M V Chupra, detail 2 20.09.17
M V Chupra, detail 2 20.09.17
Chupra” is intended to give us an impression of what sailors can and do face at sea. Conditions most landlubbers find hard to believe but we know happens.

The evidence is incontrovertible.

You can view the series and some of our notes via the further Reading link below.

Further reading, Chupra see the images and the development of this painting. 

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