Rajula at Madras

Rajula, a classic B I ship, painting available as a fine art signed open edition print.

Rajula at Madras
Rajula at Madras, this original painting was sold years astern. 

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Detail from Rajula at Madras Detail from Rajula at Madras Detail from Rajula at Madras

"Rajula at Madras", 61 x 40 cm (24" x 15½"), Sold. Available as a print from our print page.

Rajula a fine classic ship with an outstanding history, I’d be pleased to paint her again if you’d like to order a commission.

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Rajula the painting :

On of The British India Collection, this marine painting of the classic British India Steam Navigation Company ship ‘Rajula‘ was a commission.

As Rajula dates back to 1926 careful research was needed.

Rajula was one of the best known most loved ships in the British India Steam Navigation Company Ltd fleet.

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Rajula as a Print

This beautiful picture is reproduced to have the look and feel of the original painting.

Produced on finest cotton canvas using inks the manufacturer guarantees under normal circumstances for 70 years plus.

Marine prints, ships
Rajula at Madras, painting and prints

This drawing in the margin of this print shown here is an ‘extra’ which can be ordered via the PRINTS page,  a ‘remarque’, that is an original drawing by the artist intended t enhance and personalise the print.

Here are some examples of other people’s thoughts:

Quote: “Just a quick note to say that the prints have arrived safely and that I am really pleased with them.  The picture on your website does not do full justice, they are now being framed and will be done before Christmas.” David M. Newcastle upon Tyne, 10 December 2013 00:41

I received the print on Monday.
I’m sure it will bring back many happy memories of the time I spent on the Rajula in the late sixties and be a source of enjoyment for years to come.
Many thanks for the helpful notes on framing
“, best wishes, T. Dexter.

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 Rajula the ship, the company

“Rajula” was a classic steam turbine powered cargo liner, a ship continues to stir the salt in people’s veins.

Rajula” left such celebrated carriers as the Cunard Atlantic liners Queen’s well astern so far as total compliment of people carried was concerned.

British India Steam Navigation Company Ltd was and still is among seafarers affectionately known as B I and was at one time the largest merchant ship fleet in the world, a fleet that both officers and crew were proud to serve.

Among Indians competition for a place was intense as was their pride in working for BI.

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