Frigate departing Portsmouth, 2008

Frigate departing Portsmouth, painting in great secrecy a Type 23 frigate.


"Frigate departing Portsmouth, 2008", 41 x 30 cm (16" x 12"), Commissioned by the MoD & BAE Systems (Surface Fleet Solutions) as a gift for the Chilean National Navy. Available as a print from our print page.

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Frigate departing Portsmouth,

this painting was produced in secrecy with the full cooperation of Royal Navy staff, Portsmouth Dockyard and the MoD & BAE Systems personnel, I thank you all for making a challenging commission relatively easy and a pleasure. 

The choice of 41 x 30 cm (16″ x 12″) was because the painting was intended from the beginning as a gift for the Condell‘s wardroom.

Of the details here please note the actual size of the ship in the original painting is quite small, about 3″ (7.5 cm) so this nicely illustrates the quality of the painting.

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Detail from The Chilean National Frigate FF Almirante Condell departing Portsmouth, 2008

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Detail from The Chilean National Frigate FF Almirante Condell departing Portsmouth, 2008

My client who has become a friend was present at the presentation wrote:

The frigate Condell marine painting went down a real treat. The Chileans were very impressed and Capt Cruz the commanding officer was over the moon and said he was going to have it welded to the wardroom bulkhead so none of the Admirals, and there were six Chilean Admirals present, could get their fingers on it!” Captain John Simkins wrote the above. A director, the Chief Executive, Disposal Services Agency of the Ministry of Defense he wrote after the presentation of this completed piece of marine art, a commission and surprise for the Chilean Navy.

The frigate arrived in Chile, October 2008

With thanks to my liaison officer in the Ministry of Defense for written permission, we are now able to add this fine marine painting to our web site.

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