Drake in the Wake of Magellan

Drake’s Golden Hind is one of the most famous ships in all English history.

Magellan navigated ocean to ocean in 38 days in 1520 the straits that now famously bare his name, Drake in 1578 passed through in 14 days, a record for many decades.

Francis Drake paintings
Drake in the Wake of Magellan,

Drake in the Wake of Magellan, 81 x 50 cm (32″ x 20″), 3375 £., by Gordon Frickers.

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At five o clock on the afternoon of 15 November 1577 Drake’s five little ships made sail and quietly slipped their moorings to leave the safety of the Plymouth Cattewater for Plymouth Sound and the open sea.

The voyage was given out to be a routine cruise to trade in the Mediterranean.

Neither Drake or Queen Elizabeth wanted any commission in writing.

Those five diminutive ships were embarking on what was about to become the longest and the most daring voyage to that date in Human history.

The Pelican, later renamed Golden Hind is not an anonymous galleon, she is one of the most famous ships in English history.

Further Reading for a better understanding of this maritime painting.

Drake in the Wake of Magellan.

This maritime painting is created to inspire and celebrate, draw attention to the beautiful and sturdy Golden Hinde replica and to England’s most famous seaman before Nelson, Sir Francis Drake.

The Golden Hinde replica is now in her fiftieth ‘birthday’ year, 2023.

You can visit this ‘time machine’ St Mary Overie’s Dock, London. Golden Hind truly is window into history open and ready for you.

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Gordon Frickers

Gordon Frickers is the only marine and maritime artist whose paintings have been honoured by a solo invitation to exhibit 35 paintings in the European Parliament (May 2011).

Many distinguished people and renowned companies chose Frickers paintings as you can discover by reading my illustrated résumée.

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