Cutlass 40 Bermuda 1-2 finish

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Cutlass 40, Mills Breaker Bouy
Cutlass 40, Mills Breaker Bouy

Cutlass 40 class, the painting measures 40 x 51 cm (16″x 20″)

Best value, buy from a dedicated artist- buy from a reputable, established artist direct from his studio.

Here you are on the water with an American ‘Cutlass 40’ yacht in light airs.

The Cutlass 40 is very modern very quick yacht, seen here about to win a major single handed race.

Gordon Frickers client described those moments as “My greatest moment on the boat so far
was finishing the Bermuda 1-2 single-handed leg at Mills Breaker Buoy
off Bermuda. It was blowing about 2 knots…

When we were discussing ideas for this painting, Gordon Frickers client particularly mentioned the remarkable Roaring Forties, 76 x 121 cms (30″ x 48″) painted for Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, now one of his most treasured possessions, Sir Robin has often chosen “Roaring Forties” as a background when being interviewed.

Roaring Forties has inspired many people and been extensively published in journals as diverse as The Times of London, Lloyds List and Readers Digest.

By the way we still have a few ‘Heritage’ quality prints left of Roaring Forties signed by R K-J and the artist, price from £147.00

This time ideas we discussed included a day when the Cutlass 40 clocked 26 knots and that with a broken bow sprit too, blasting down to Montego Bay on port gibe just off the shore of Cuba during the pineapple cupand a night approach to Hawaii all very tempting subjects.

However while those subjects are beautiful memories the Bermuda win was really something to be proud of.

Some clients, Peter de Savery for example simply tell Gordon Frickers to ‘just get on with it‘ others like to be more involved.

This time the next stage was to produce sketches that lead to a design the client approved.

Here are examples of a few of the questions Gordon Frickers asked:

How much sail was up?
What did the sails look like (cut, colours, any unusual features like logos etc)?

What time of day?

Sky and sea state?

Wind direction?

Do any photos exist of this day, showing your boat or others in the fleet?

How many people on deck?


Cutlass 40 working drawing,
Cutlass 40 working drawing, yours for £130.00


By the way the above drawing measuring approximately 20 x 40 cms (11″ x 16″) is available for sale price £200.00 Contact Us for details While Gordon Frickers understands and reacts well to ‘rush’, ‘vite’, ‘deadline’, having a client who allows time undoubtedly helps the painting.

The finishing touches on this marine painting were added in steady thoughtful seaman like manner; simplified sky top right & made the swell look longer & smoother, rigging checked and any hesitant marks addressed.


Cutlass 40 detail 2
Cutlass 40 detail 2

That extra 1 % of effort…

If you ask him Gordon Frickers denies being a ‘perfectionist’, he says that is a misunderstanding. He would add “I am aware most people would not consciously notice am extra effort but they do notice intuitively.

As with the very small refinements one makes on a fast boat the extra effort has to come out some were, on a boat it manifests as a tiny % more boat speed, in a painting as more ‘feel’, superior ‘quality’.

To the detriment of my family and self, I’ve not been very concerned about making money. My attention has been on ‘how can I do that better’”.

You could like to own a painting of drawing of this sort of quality, even if you have no idea what the subject will be, start your adventure now, Contact Us.


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Best value, buy from a dedicated artist- buy from a reputable, established artist direct from his studio.

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