Maiden, Ice Maiden

Maiden, Ice Maiden, the definitive painting, a co-signed limited edition,

Only 1 print remaining in stock £187., & one framed at this date 24.12.23.

"Maiden, Ice Maiden", 102 x 76 cm (40" x 30"), Sold to Tracy Edwards, OBE and Maiden skipper of the first all-female crew to circumnavigate the globe. Available as a print from our print page.

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One remaining print signed by the captain and artist as a numbered edition price £187.00 each including postage.

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Available as a very limited edition print from £ 187 inc p&p from this website see Marine Art PRINTS.

Maiden was the first all-female crew to circumnavigate the globe.

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Tracy Edwards, captain of Maiden wrote

The painting arrived safe and sound and it is as wonderful as I expected! 

It will be displayed at the RORC and then the National Maritime Museum“.

Yacht paintings
Maiden, a detail from the painting Ice Maiden.

Maiden” ~ Tracy Edwards and her team overcame numerous difficulties and set backs ashore and afloat.

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Yacht paintings
Maiden, a detail from the painting Ice Maiden

Looking for the very best in marine art? 

Yacht paintings
Yacht Maiden, a detail from the painting Ice Maiden.

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Ice Maiden detail

Sailing into history

Sponsored by Royal Jordanian Airlines they sailed sailed into history.

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Only 1 print left £187., & one framed at this date 24.12.23.

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