‘Yamaha’ Racing Home

Yamaha your chance to buy a real piece of yachting history, Yamaha won the Volvo Circumnavigation Ocean Race.

Yamaha racing home, Whitbread 60 circumnavigation winner

Painting is 76 x 121 cm (30″ x 48″), available, £ 3,500.

Mitsui-Yamaha (GB), sponsors as a gift for head office, wanted a fine painting of this Whitbread 60 class yacht to a commemorative her victory.

I was invited to the Mitsui-Yamaha (GB) head office and to give the directors of  Mitsui-Yamaha a choice I produced two paintings.

Many distinguished people and renowned companies chose Frickers paintings as you can discover by reading my illustrated résumée.

Your chance to buy a real piece of yachting history, this painting I have kept as a fine exhibition piece and now offer for sale.

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By the way, among other places this Yamaha painting was one of my 35 exhibited by invitation at the European Parliament.


Gordon Frickers is the only marine artist whose paintings have been honoured by invitation to exhibit in the European Parliament, a one man show of 35 (May 2011) as well as exhibitions in other prestigious venues in Britain and Europe.

Yamaha off The Needles

The yacht painting illustrated here has remained in the my collection as an excellent ‘exhibition piece and was one of the chosen 35 paintings selected for my European Parliament show.

This painting was for many years loaned to the Mountbatten Watersport Centre, Plymouth and is now offered for sale, your chance to buy a real piece of yachting history.


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First Yacht past the Needles :

as the yacht Yamaha passed the Needles her professional crew knew for certain they had won the Whitbread round the world race and Heineken Trophy.

The race still exists today billed as The Volvo Ocean Race, the world’s premier offshore race.
At a meeting in London they chose Gordon Frickers partly because of his “Ice Maiden” painting (see Print Gallery).
As the yacht approached England Gordon Frickers was asked to go express speed to Southampton to interview the crew and see the yacht.

The elated crew of Yamaha who had docked only an hour before unhesitatingly loved the idea of the painting making Gordon Frickers very welcome on board, simultaneously apologising for the ‘mess’ and boasting they’d not had time to change since Rio so had chest hairs growing through their T shirts …

I produced two paintings each 30″ x 48″  in 4 weeks.

The client chose Yamaha “First Challenge – First Victory” saying it was a more traditionally ‘British’ scene so would look excellent hung in the Yamaha boardroom in Japan.

Credit where it is due

Special thanks to the directors of Mitsui-Yamaha (GB) for their imaginative gift, inspiration and this command.

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