Velsheda Vertigo

Velsheda, an unconventional painting of a restored giant “J class” that had in her youth raced the king’s yacht “Britannia”.

"Velsheda Vertigo", 51 x 81 cm (20" x 32"), Original Sold to a Dutch collector of fine paintings.

Painting ‘Velsheda Vertigo’ a result of an invitation to sail on the giant J Class classic Velsheda and yes I did climb that mast.

“When people say ‘J class’, I think first of Velsheda…

Velsheda was easy to find in a mooring.

Her mast was literally twice the height of any of the others!

She was also the only Yacht I have sailed on that needed a tug (not having her own engine and drawing 19 feet of water) to enter and leave port.

This painting was a spin off from a commission for CPC (UK) Ltd who wanted a painting of their directors and Sir Alex Rose aboard Velsheda.

This artist couldn’t resist twenty minutes at the top of what was then the world’s tallest single span mast.

This painting is one of the results.

I said after, “I was above the height of the coastal cliffs, it seemed more like being on a light aircraft than a yacht!


was chartered annually for Cowes Week by CPC (UK) Ltd, a leading food manufacturer.

I was commissioned by CPC (UK) Ltd to paint the yacht and a group of the directors to be clearly identifiable, on the stern deck.
The painting was presented to the retiring MD.

A result was an offer from the delighted Tony Cox to sail with them the next year for four days.
Unusual yacht, food company, good location, what would you choose to do?

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