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What are Frickers ‘Heritage prints? 

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The quality is so remarkable people will often touch the unframed prints as if to re assure themselves and ask ‘is it an original?’

If you like the best you have found it here.

Buckingham Palace wrote to me:

While British royalty does not endorse products, “the Princess was delighted to receive this beautiful picture“, (“I have Urgent dispatches“) “The Princess was over the moon” wrote our contact.

Princess Anne was presented with a large size print No 1, >I Have Urgent Dispatches< by the officers of HMS Seahawk Mess, RNAS Culdrose.

You may know, usually only original paintings are given to Royalty.




All our fine art prints are personally supervised by the artist and available via our “Print gallery“.

Our prints include a number of internationally famous paintings including “Roaring Forties“, “I have urgent dispatches” and “The Port of Gaillac 1863“,

My career started at Maidstone Art College at the tender age of 16, for 5 years emerging with a degree and London City and Guilds final, General Photography.

I have painted professionally full time since 1981; we have 38 years of personal and 400 years of combined professional experience for you to benefit from.

We bagan producing our new generation ‘Giclee’ type prints in 2004.

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How would you describe a Giclée print?

These are frequent questions so here are reliable answers, to guide you.

In brief our Heritage marine prints are “improved SuperGiclée“,  we use the most up to date equipment, an investment of over a quarter of a million pounds.

Each Heritage marine print is individually produced, supervised by the artist, signed and numbered for those discerning individuals who appreciate the best.

Each new individual print is produced on a fine art quality cotton canvas

We offer a unique thus rare collection, some make sets, a wonderful investment very reasonably priced and we can print many of our other paintings to special order.



Description of Heritage marine prints follows below, what these marine prints are, are these special marine prints?

By the way, you can also find, on this Art of Gordon Frickers website, detailed info on pages:

  1. Care of prints and framing prints
  2. Mounting cotton canvas prints

The following is a summary of our Prints Gallery followed by some remarks by our printer Alan Tooze of Adaptgraphics, Plymouth.



The Prestige Heritage Limited Editions are printed on cotton canvas that gives the look and feel of originals.
Each Prestige Heritage Limited Edition is numbered and signed by Gordon Frickers.

The following endorsements are a few of the many you can find on to give you more confidence in us.

The Royal Naval Fleet Air Arm, HMS Seahawk (Culdrose, Cornwall) mess presented a copy of “I have urgent dispatches” to the Princess Royal, Princess Anne at one of their Trafalgar night dinners in appreciation of the support given in person by the Princess Royal to the 2005 commemoration of Trafalgar and the re-enactment of the historic voyage of HMS Pickle to Falmouth, Cornwall. ~


Prestige Heritage Limited Editions

“Your painting ‘I have urgent dispatches‘ hangs over the fireplace in our library and I feel very proud to have this painting of the Pickle. Perhaps we should work together on another concept soon?” ~ Peter Goodwin, author, Curator of HMS Victory at H.M. Naval Base, Portsmouth ~ and finally for an encore?

As each new marine print is individually produced supervised by the artist Gordon Frickers using the latest innovations available we hope you appreciate our aim is to bring you stunning first class quality prints with a high “wow” factor?

In the case of our Prestige Heritage Limited Editions, each marine print will arrive with the look and feel of an original painting.


A Question to our printer Alan Tooze has a life time of experience in the print industry and is passionate about his work, and very high tech.

His reply may be of interest to you and your people.

Q. What is a Prestige canvas print?
A. Also called a Giclée print (comes from the French word meaning literally ‘to squirt’); this refers to the process in which the ink is laid down on the paper.
Giclée is the name commonly given to an inkjet limited edition reproduction of an artwork, photograph or digitally created work.
We now print on archival grade artist’s quality coated canvas, with HP Vivera pigment inks offering a lifespan of up to 200 years, using an HP Z6100 eight colour printer.We previously used a seven colour Epson 9600 with Ultrachrome inks rated at up to 75 years.
Q. How long do canvas prints last?
A. This will depend totally on where they will be used.
Exposure to UV light (daylight, especially sunlight) will cause ALL inks to fade eventually.
Prints in bright rooms or in front of windows will fade sooner than those in controlled conditions such as galleries and museums where there is little or no daylight.However as a guide: we use HP Vivera pigment inks which can last up to 200 years.Pigmented ink is made from natural, mineral and biological material mixed with resin, producing a colour more fade and water resistant then traditional ink or dye.
Archival pigment inks are made from 100 percent pigment in a fine micro-dispersion sprayed through a fine inkjet print head.
This process allows a large amount and intensity of colour to be applied.
Archival pigmented ink is used in Giclee printing because digital printing process and fade resistance is a concern when printing digitally.
This new technology eliminates problems with traditional print reproduction methods of colour longevity.

The high resolution standards of Giclée printers can repeat original artwork faithfully without any visible dot patterns.
True Giclée is reproduced on stretchable canvas or watercolour paper.
The artist, working along with the printer, produces a print that is now a new art form.


Signed and numbered for those discerning individuals who appreciate the best.

Each print is produced on a fine art quality cotton canvas.

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