“Velsheda, superyacht, on charter”

Velsheda maritime paintings of last of the giant J Class without an engine sailing during Cowes Week Royal Regatta. 

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 61 x 91 cm (24″ x 36″), oils on canvas, by Gordon Frickers, commissioned, original sold.

Standard size print of ““Velsheda, superyacht, on charter”
image size: 43 x 28 cm (17″ x 11″)

This maritime painting is commissioned to be presented as a retirement gift to the M.D. by CPC (United Kingdom) Limited / Best Foods Inc. a major food manufacturer many of who’s brands are famous, 11 have the royal seal.

The company directors regularly chartered Velsheda during Cowes Week Royal Regatta to invite loyal staff and associates for a sail. 

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Detail from "Velsheda, superyacht, on charter"

A group of the directors were to be shown on her stern deck with the skipper and crew, each to be clearly identifiable, in effect, mini portraits.

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I was invited on board for a week, a very enjoyable, memorable week which resulted in this and several other fine paintings mostly on the Cowes Week Royal Regatta theme.

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Gordon Frickers is the only marine and maritime artist whose paintings have been honoured by a solo invitation to exhibit 35 paintings in the European Parliament (May 2011).

Many distinguished people and renowned companies chose Frickers paintings as you can discover by reading my illustrated résumée.

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