Zeven Provinciën, elements of the Dutch Fleet – Extra Info

Zeven Provinciën, elements of the Dutch Fleet

The original ship

“Zeven Provinciën” fought the English repeatedly during the Anglo-Dutch wars, being involved at all the major actions including the Four Days battle & the raid on the Medway & Thames. In 1674 she was part of the fleet that, via the Canary Isles, attacked Martinique. 1678 saw her allied to the English & operating of the coasts of Spain including into the Mediterranean.

“Zeven Provinciën” was repaired at Portsmouth in 1692. The English considered her a very fine traditional Dutch ship. Her people were immensely proud of her.

Dutch ships of the period were quite distinct from French, English or Spanish. Most notably, they were, in a very ostentatious age, less ornate. Other features instantly distinctive to a sailor included more beam to length ratio, a full round bow, relatively shallow draft.

Building the “Zeven Provinciën”

A full size replica of this ship is building in the Netherlands.