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“Painting as a Business Project partnership, a proposal with Gordon Frickers

“The best wine is a renewable, eco friendly, sustainable product that pays fair wages, is an excellent investment and is fun”.
What more do you want?

“This is a sponsorship opportunity”

For an exhibition, a book, a program, for publicity and sales.

A combination of Fine Art and the use of the Internet can create a winning formula.

See and bookmark this project http://www.frickers.co.uk/wine/index.html

A proposal

Here is an exceptional opportunity to link your company name and products to publicity your prospective clients will remember, in a measurable, cost effective manner.

With DMBAssociates we monitor the most up to date search engine and e- marketing techniques to provide a flexible low-cost & measurable means to reach and inform customers.

Using the locally painted fine art of Gordon Frickers, creates a sophisticated proposition to show the Region in its best light.

  1. “Enhance the overall messages and to create a more romantic and appealing proposition.”
  2. Use licensed paintings, prints and images rather than just photos to increase the “grab” / appeal and thus improve marketing spend accuracy/ effectiveness.
  3. Many pictures are available but more can be produced on commission as required.
  4. Here, in place you have an artist, design and business team who work together well and will understand your needs.
  5. This art can also be purchased as a permanent reminder.

Gordon Frickers in conjunction with DMBAssociates has the proven capabilities.

Expertise and technology to help you effectively promote your business international.


Further reading

The products, wine, food and paintings are naturally mutually supportive.
A combined presentation will be of interest to many existing as well as new clientele and attract good media coverage.


  • A chance to reach new markets, new customers in the high spending A B C sectors,
  • Enhanced your image by cultural association.
  • Considerable ongoing worldwide publicity, via the internet, the press, picture library etc much of the marketing reaching to the high spending A B C sectors,
  • First call on reproduction rights of artwork under license,
  • Share of the returns from sales
  • Artist in residence scheme.
  • Lighten up and have some fun.

People – From the first painting started on location in 1996 Gordon Frickers found many people of influence in particular in France, very enthusiastic.

The wines already enjoy world renown, the villages and towns of their origin, each with its own distinctive atmosphere and charm, are much less well known.

To focus on the villages is a rare and an exceptional approach appreciated in the Bordeaux region.
It was suggested in St Emilion initially by Celine David, that a project proposal for joint marketing of the paintings and products of the region is written for consideration in Bordeaux.

The project has the potential to expand into exhibitions of the paintings, drawings and photography, together with magazine articles.

The regional products, the villages and towns as tourist destinations, each with its own distinctive character, atmosphere and charm, are much less well known. This is a distinctive opportunity to promote your interests and benefits.


Artist’s Objective


  1. To paint and market a collection of pictures of each of 10 of the Most Famous and Picturesque Wine Villages of France.
  2. To sell the originals, reproductions, & licences of the artwork.
  3. To drive up the value of the artist’s work.
  4. To encourage awareness of the villages and their products.
  5. To work on location as an Artist in residence.


  1. To have some fun and make money for all, by introducing these splendid people, beautiful villages, this prestige industry, products of the region and the artist, Gordon Frickers.
  2. To promote by e business, web site, community networking and publicity.
  3. To sell limited edition prints, books, posters, cards etc and reproduction licences of the work.
  4. To publicise by editorials and via picture libraries, the stories associated with the paintings and your products.
  5. To encourage an understanding and appreciation of these places and their superior fine wines.

The paintings are a unique record and vision of these famous villages at a given moment in time.
Quite different from the more conventional records.
They can only grow in interest and value.


After a very long search, in 2005 we found a master printer with suitable equipment and the right attitude to produce the quality in fine art reproduction by working closely with this artist, to push the newest printing technologies to produce the highest quality images on natural white cotton canvas with the look and feel of original art.

Most can be supplied at generous trade prices.

Collectible – Pictures are a great talking points, be they enjoyed in homes, businesses or hotels.
Prints can be bonded on cotton canvas to look like works of art.
A permanent reminder of your business.

A Unique set of pictures of fascinating, charming places producing the worlds very finest and most exclusive wines, associated with good experiences, happy memories.

Commitment, As the paintings show, Gordon Frickers has invested substantially in this project with 4 visits to the Bordeaux regions totalling 7 weeks on location, plus much time elsewhere including the Tarn and the Loire valley & with infrastructure behind the scenes.


The Village of Sauternes was first to purchase an original example for the Sauternes Town Hall.

For the imaginatively minded, there are business opportunities here.


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    With special thanks for inspiration and the original ideas from Joel and Marie Therese Linquette and Celine David.