Plymouth, Battle of Cawsand Bay

‘Battle of Cawsand Bay’, #Plymouth a fine painting and a video history.

Plymouth battles
Plymouth, Battle of Cawsand Bay

61 x 40.5 cm (24″ x 16″), oils, sold.

Plymouth battles,  ‘The Battle of Cawsand Bay’ a #painting  for author David J. B. Smith.

This painting;

is also about tyranny resisted successfully, The battle of Cawsands Bay’.

It is thus titled because the surprise attack by NAZI fighter bombers attacking, one ended down in Cawsands Bay and another of the 6 failed to return to his base. 🍷😉

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and on Utube ‘The Battle of Cawsands Bay‘;,natural%20amphitheatre%20of%20Plymouth%20Sound.

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Plymouth, battle of
Battle of Cawsand Bay, Detail
I thought I’d also share this brief, fascinating video story ‘The Battle of Cawsand Bay’ with you, enjoy.
Sketch for author Sketch for DJB Smith, Battle of Cawsand Bay

Historical inaccuracy,

propaganda and outright lies, there is so much in circulation.

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