Gorran Haven, Cornwall.

"Gorran Haven, Cornwall.", 33 x 23 cm (13" x 9"), £650 (about €760) by Gordon Frickers.

Watercolour of Gorran Haven, Cornwall, the result of asking “what will happen if I use only what I see as the fundamental colours, will this be a disaster or what?”

Gorran Haven maritime painting, Cornwall, as painted from the pier head.

Gorran Haven
Gorran Haven, Cornwall

Gorran Haven painting in Cornwall, “every painting should be an experiment”, said John Constable so here is art for art’s sake, a marine, maritime and landscape painting combined, a spontaneous study made from the pier of an active sea to see what would result.

This is Beach painting created at high risk in as much here as I am asking myself “what will happen if I use only what I see as the fundamental colours, will this be a disaster or what?”

I had no clear idea of the result only of the question I was asking myself and certainly did not have selling the painting in mind. Despite the risk of a mess.

The result is very pleasing and appropriately this painting is a watercolour.

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