Exploratory paintings – 2006 to the present

This  collections is being transferred to a new ‘niche’ landscape web site, www.artfrickers.com specially built to introduce this project and the landscapes of Gordon Frickers, artist.


These paintings, all produced as experiments while under the influence of The painting School of Montmiral, we call “Power Paintings”.

all produced ‘plien aire’ in order to explore various aspects of the artists colour vision, composition and general response to light, atmosphere, emotions and colour.

Together they exhibit remarkable depth and often surprising colour harmonies, choices a person with ‘normnal’ colour vision would be unlikely to make..

Some of the new paintings have such unusual palettes and colour combinations they are very difficult to reproduce.

Cameras and PC’s tend to try to revert to default colours, thus considerable skill is needed to get near the original colour and given the chance the Internet or your monitor will muck it up.

Thus better to see the originals to really understand why they are so special.

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You can purchase via our ‘Payments‘ page using Paypal or bank to bank

By arrangement payments can be in instalments. How much in my currency? Try our free XE Currency converter.

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