Albigois, late afternoon – Extra Info

Albigois, late afternoon In search of what has come to be called “Power painting”.

Here we can clearly see the Artist has learnt to use drawing, colour, tone and contrast to brilliant effect.
He has made this picture look so simple and effortless.
There is clarity of expression founded on excellent drawing skills, involvement, searching, learning, passion, enriched sense of colour, depth, tone, richness and delicacy.

Rich, subtle, complex colour management with often surprising choices of complimentary colours are added to an apparently effortless sense of perspective and depth.


“Where most paintings can only be one thing most of these can be many things.
They provide the emotional info to the brain then allow the brain to take over and fill in the detail.

They have vibrancy, not specific to a region.
It’s the impact on the person viewing it rather than the view having an impact.
You don’t look at it and say it is a stunning view you say it is a strange picture.
It sounds daft.
You need to see them.”

SJ Mitchell