Of Poplars and the Seven Bales – Dance of the seven bales – Extra Info

Of Poplars and the Seven Bales - Dance of the seven bales The usual colour perspective is reversed.
It breaks the rules yet achieves tremendous depth, almost 3D with the bales standing out of the picture.
An exceptional piece of observation added to an unconventional sense of colour relationships.
Facts remembered do not help here, this is solid observation and original response.

The bales challenge in every way.

“Makes me think about my own work” – Jill Lane.

To capitalise on strong sense of tonality, a unification normals find difficult with dynamic powerful “notice me” rich colouring.

Can you imagine a colour normal painting where in fact that green forest has no green?

Gordon Frickers has learnt to use colour, tone and contrast to good effect.
Rich, subtle, complex colour management with often surprising choices of complimentary colours are added to an apparently effortless sense of perspective and depth.

This painting catches sensitive “normals” just a bit off balance, not quite sure what they are seeing here.
Yet it was considered at the Painting School of Montmiral to be the best painting in the room at the final show of the season.

If good painting is about learning, discovering, exploring, assessing, thinking out of the box, we have that in abundance with this voyage into colour, in this very mature work.