Suggestive Sunrise, 25 July – Extra Info

Suggestive Sunrise, 25 July Would you agree, Sunrise has to be one of the most powerful episodes of any day?

Yet most people miss or largely ignore the energy and event of these strongly empowering moments.


This painting has to be one of the most remarkable and original produced by Gordon Frickers, why?

Because people have valued it between £5,000 and 25,000? No.

Gordon Frickers deliberately chose two specific Subjects, sunrise and sunset.
These would mean working at anti social hours but fitted his criteria, obviously changing very rapidly and he chose to paint these to force the pace of his colour vision, colour consistency and experience, at very live events.
Some fine examples of his results can be seen on this web site.
See “Stupendous Sun Drenched Landscapes of France – 2003” and “Paintings from 2006 – working with the Mentor“.


Questions considered included:

  • Putting down the colours first time off/on. What happens during sunrise?
  • First hit colours depend on what?
  • Subsequent hit colours
  • Painting by memory (short term).
  • Is it over worked? Some of the strongest colours were painted over?

Searching with a clear sense of mission and the individual challenge, Frequent and thoughtful observation.