The Promenade – Extra Info

The Promenade This subject was drawn several times before painting commenced and is an area much used by students of the Painting School of Montmiral, being shade for most of the day and directly below the studio windows.

Gordon Frickers observes of The Promenade at Castelnau de Montmiral:

“I saw what was there and made some pencil sketches.
I had a feeling, a vision of how it looked rather than how it normally looks.
It was offering to show me not how it is but how it could be.
I was reminded of Lord of the Rings.
When I drew the subject again I drew how it made me feel, for painting, colours, light, I looked for what was there which is always impossible as it changes moment by moment as does my colour constancy.”


An ancient place, largely deserted during the day, favoured in the evenings by the village players of petanck and were L’Occitaine is spoken as freely as French.